Natural Handmade SoapNatural handmade soap is very different from the usual kind of soap that we buy from the supermarkets. Most of us have been using the regular cheap soap or shower cremes without giving a second thought as to how it is made, or what it is made of. However, the things that we take for granted, could cause us the health of our skin!

The commercial soap that we buy from the supermarkets is mass produced through a hot process, and all that is left of the “soap” is merely detergent cleansing agents. Synthetic fragrances are added to make the nice smell stronger.

Beware, for those of us who choose bathing gels by smelling it through the package! I used to be like that too! I used to choose my shower gels by smelling the fragrance, not knowing that these are synthetic fragrances that could cause my skin to be very dry and scaly. I thought that it could have been the weather, hormones, or even on genes, without knowing the real reason behind the skin problems. I had been wondering why my skin itches after every shower, and had been changing brands, without much improvement.

I didn’t know that there was a distinct difference between commercial soap and the natural alternative, handmade soap, until a friend told me! I had thought that all soaps are the same, as they all look almost alike, and all have natural ingredients and herbs listed in them. But now I know the difference. I have stopped using harsh chemicals to bath, and only use natural soap for my body.

Many people have skin allergies due to long term exposure to harsh chemicals in the commercial soap that we have been buying from the supermarkets all our lives.  We tend to choose soaps merely based on the fragrance and after a few times of usage, we choose the ones with the most lather for a creamier bath. Little did we know that all these are merely chemicals that we are putting on our skin and bodies. These harsh soap with synthetic fragrances and lathering agents can cause very dry, scaly skin, peeling and even cracking skin. We tend to blame our bad skin on the weather, our hormones, or even on our genes, without ever knowing the real reason behind our skin problems.

Some people stop using commercial soap bars to bathe, hoping that the skin allergies would stop, and they replace the commercial soap with shower cremes, hoping for a more moisturized skin result. However, they find that their skin starts itching instead! Shower cremes are also just chemicals in liquid form. And the result is, some people with sensitive skin develop blemishes and eczema on their bodies, especially on the skin on their backs, arms and legs.

But if you stop using natural handmade soap, the allergies, itchiness and dry skin will heal. Try them today!

Stop your skin problems and start using natural handmade soap now for beautiful healthy skin!

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All soaps are made in Penang, Malaysia. It is all natural handmade soap with no harmful chemicals, animal fats, synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants, or any other artificial ingredients. Only 100% pure essential oils are added for your well being.

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