Natural Handmade SoapNatural Handmade Soap is very effective to heal skin allergies naturally. One of the most common causes of skin allergies and skin disorders is the soap that you use daily for your baths! Although it looks like just a simple soap, it contains many types of harsh chemicals in it, which you put into contact with you skin, and rub it all over your body!

The regular type of soap you use which is purchased in the supermarkets, is not really just soap. It is more of cleansing agents and detergent, with added synthetic fillers and fragrances.

Most people do not know this, and when they experience skin problems due to exposing sensitive skin to harsh soap chemicals, they may experience skin outbreaks and allergies, ranging from skin irritation to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Desperate, people turn to medical doctors for a solution to their skin problems. Mostly they are given steroid creams as topical application to dry up the blemishes and eczema. But most of these leave behind unsightly scars and marks which may take months, or even years to heal and slowly fade away.

All these problems can be avoided only if they start using handmade soap, made using only natural ingredients from herbs, plants and spices, without any harmful chemicals.

It is very important to realize that commercial soap and handmade soap is vastly different, although both is called “soap”, and falsely implying that both are of the same thing. Although they may look alike, and even almost smell alike, but beyond that, everything else inside is so different!

Synthetic fragrances is a very common cause of skin irritations and skin allergies. It is commonly added to the regular commercial soap that you use and buy from your nearest supermarkets. You can literally feel your skin itching every single time you step out of your bath or shower.

When you read the word “fragrance” or “parfum” on the label of the soap, it refers to the synthetic fragrances that has been added to the soap to make it more saleable, as many customers choose soap based on fragrance. More artificial chemicals are added to the soap to make it smell stronger, and lathering agents are added for a creamier bath. But it is these chemicals and compunds that is the most common cause of skin ailments and disorders. Those with sensitive skin or asthmatic conditions should avoid buying products with these labels.

However, for natural handmade soap, essential oils from flowers, herbs and spices are used to give a natural aromatherapy that soothes your body. Almost all natural soap is hypoallergenic and is safe for use all over the body, including face and hair! But of course, you must choose from a trusted manufacturer to ensure that all ingredients are 100% natural, and that the essential oils added are of the highest quality, and follows stringent quality control procedures.

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All soaps are made in Penang, Malaysia. It is all natural handmade soap with no harmful chemicals, animal fats, synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants, or any other artificial ingredients. Only 100% pure essential oils are added for your well being.

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